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On February 13th, 2019 the City of Los Angeles declared Social Media Safety Day while recognizing the efforts of the Organization for Social Media Safety. Several councilmembers spoke up to commemorate OFSMS and the necessary awareness this day brought to the issue of social media-related dangers.

On Social Media Safety Day, several motions were introduced in the Los Angeles City Council.  The first motion, which recently was enacted, called for a collaboration between the LAPD cybercrimes unit and the public library system to conduct a series of social media safety workshops with the goal of spreading awareness and providing actionable tips for the community, especially vulnerable populations such as students and the elderly.

Including the elderly as a beneficiary of this program is particularly important.  Many may not realize but the elderly are currently using social media, frequently engaging with grandchildren on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.  A number of bad actors are currently targeting the elderly via social media using it to perpetrate fraud and/or identity theft.

With that in mind, we applaud the successful kickoff of Los Angeles’ social media safety workshop series. This June, the series was met with great anticipation by the community. Dozens of people came out for a morning workshop and took away many insights about social media safety. OFSMS is glad to be part of the spark that set this much-needed change in motion.

Cameron Gil serves as the Organization for Social Media Safety’s Director of Community Councils.

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