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Increase your employees’ well-being with our social media safety presentations at your corporate office or retreat.

Workshop Topics

We can help teach your employees with children how to:

  • Reduce parent-child conflict over social media usage
  • Audit social media profiles to protect against reputational harm
  • Protect children from a variety of social media-related dangers

Trusted By Leading Global Companies

The presentation from the Organizational for Social Media Safety was impactful! As a mother of twins in the 5th grade, you’ve provided the advice and tools to help with implementing oversight and safety protocols that I can easily put into place. This will allow my kids to continue to have a healthy relationship with technology (and us as parents), as we move into Middle School and High School.

Myrna Nejat (Manager of Talent Acquisition, Mattel, Inc.)

Rates will vary based on your company’s needs and location, so please contact us today for a quote.