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The Organization for Social Media Safety is the first consumer protection organization exclusively focused on social media. We work to make social media safe for everyone.

We protect against all social media-related dangers including:

About 88% of social media-using teens have witnessed other people being mean or cruel on social networking sites. Approximately 34% of students report experiencing cyberbullying.

About 64% of U.S. teens have encountered hate speech online.

Some 21% of women ages 18 to 29 report being sexually harassed online. About 53% of young women ages 18 to 29 say that someone has sent them explicit images they did not ask for.

Social media has been infiltrated with propaganda by a hostile foreign government in an attempt to influence our democratic elections.  On Facebook alone, Russian-influenced content reached 126 million Americans between June 2015 and August 2017. 

In 2018, the average teen spent 9 hours a day online. Teens using social media more than 5 hours daily were 70% more likely to have suicidal thoughts or actions than those who reported one hour of daily use. 

The Organization for Social Media Safety uses an innovative, consumer protection-oriented approach that includes:


We teach social media safety skills to students, parents, and educators across the country.


We advocate at all levels of government to improve and create public policies that enhance social media safety.


We develop software and applications to provide real-time protection against any and all social media-related dangers.

The Organization for Social Media Safety is an urgently-needed, effective solution to the threat that social media poses to our society and our families. Working together, I am confident we can make social media safe for everyone.

Ed Peisner, Founder and National Education Director